What does music mean to you?

It’s a simple question, but the answers are endless. At a time where social class and social status seems to be at the centre of every headline and conversation, music is one of the few things that links us all together.

Music doesn’t care where you were born, who your parents are or what sort of salary you earn. It doesn’t care whether you’re a builder, a plumber, a lawyer or a banker. It doesn’t care if you went to university or not, nor does it care about the decisions you make.

Music is for everyone and unapologetically so. It defines every single moment in our lives. There’s a song for your first kiss, an album for your first love and a whole genre for your first heartache. There’s music for your wedding, for when your children are born and for when they fly the nest. There’s music for when your favourite team wins a game and for when they lose. There’s music in our darkest days and in our finest hours.

There’s music in everything we do.

We want to know what music is to you. There’s no right or wrong answer. It’s personal to you. Our aim is to collect as many responses as physically possible and display them on a page or in a post on our website. We want to bring people together through music, by celebrating what it means to you.

So tell us, anonymously if you wish, what does music mean to you?